We are a small new construction and remodeling company serving Salt Lake and Summit County. I Rafael Lorenzo started this venture 4 years ago after tackling the B street project listed in our projects tab. It was a big project but the work was not new to me. I have worked in every industry involved in construction, in some escalating to management since the age of 17. Our crew and I have over 32 years or experience in the area of construction and we bring our knowledge and creativity to the project. It is not only work for us, we enjoy doing what we do, making your dreams and goals come to fruition. We take great pride in our work; it is just as important to complete our jobs within the time frame agreed as it is to complete it professionally. Urgency is something we take seriously, but never at the cost of quality. The finishes, the level of craftsmanship maintained in every task and the look and feel of every part of the project is important to us.

We handle all the structural parts of our projects in the house, site developing, the excavation, wood framing, steel framing, and all the concrete. Custom steel structural needs, stairs, and wood work is all done in the house by our people.

Installation of windows and doors, wood work, and the drywall are also done in the house by our people.

All the other trades like, plumbing, electrical, insulation, roofing, tapping, painting, flooring and siding, etc. We leave It to the companies that we have been hiring for years, they do it every day and they are good at what they do.

Our mission is the same that it has been for me for years, to grow this company to provide our great service to more people and build a brand around our mentality about good quality work done by people who enjoy doing it.

Raphael Lorenzo